What is A Patriot's Home?
Restoring America –One Patriot’s Home at a time

Mission Statement

A Patriot’s Home mission: To cultivate vibrant communities and rebuild lives by providing distressed Veterans and their families with mortgage free refurbished homes, community service projects, and job development.


A Patriot’s Home vision: We are an economic and community development organization rebuilding the smaller communities of America by supporting Veterans and their families one home at a time.

Helping Hands

A Patriot’s Home has been developed to support communities, and nonprofit organizations in providing mortgage free housing for veterans; work with other nonprofit organizations to support vital programs and to work with communities to develop projects that encourage economic growth in smaller communities in America. Additionally, veterans that are in need of home repairs and live within a 30 mile radius of the state hub can request assistance.

Our Plan

The overall plan for A Patriot’s Home is to develop a “State Hub” in smaller communities. Once the program is launched, surrounding small communities approximately 30 miles away will begin to be develop as part of the overall program in (4) key elements:

  1. Donate housing to families of need
  2. Economic develop for job growth
  3. Community development projects
  4. Call to Action for new Hubs

A Patriot’s Home is a nonprofit corporation that was developed to support and create housing for veterans and their families while providing economic development and growth for smaller communities in America.


A Patriot’s Home is developing its first state hub. A state hub is a community that we focus all program work within a 30 mile radius. Jacksonville, Illinois was selected as the community for this hub. In the next year we will refurbish 50 homes and provide them mortgage free to veterans.

Why Jacksonville, Illinois

Jacksonville is a community rich in historical treasures, thriving arts, education and culture, all wrapped up in Midwest hospitality. Centrally located between Chicago and St. Louis and near Springfield, Jacksonville is known for its small-town friendliness, natural resources, educational institutions, history and thriving businesses.

This town is full of the unexpected! Jacksonville is home of many Abraham Lincoln sites. You can follow in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln with audio entertaining education interpretation. Governor Duncan Mansion is the only Lincoln-era governor’s mansion outside the state capital. Lake Jacksonville has been voted best Bass Fishing Lake in Illinois. Numerous exciting events, award winning hospital, and amazing restaurants can be found throughout Jacksonville.

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